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Bible Study

CLC Bible Study

Join us every week as we study of the Book of Books, “The Bible”. We go through the various books of the Bible in a way that is interesting,informative and fun. It is an in depth study; yet both beginner and experienced reader will come to enjoy the Bible. You will learn about the people of the Bible from Adam and Eve to John on the island of Patmos and all those in between. Also. we will see how we can take the Scriptures and use them in our daily lives. There is a question and answer time as well as a open discussion

All are welcome…bring your Bible, bring your neighbor, friend. a great before lunch treat! Come in and feast on that God has to offer you.

Just a little sample of our Bible Study
As you read the Gospels, you don’t see Jesus giving a lot of accolades. One of the few people Jesus commended was a military man, a Gentile, a Roman. In many respects this was an unlikely event from the human perspective. Why?
Learn more. See you Wednesday 11:00 am at Christian Life Center