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Sermons by Pastor Ed McKelvey

Do We Really Love God?

Have I seen Jesus? Has He manifest Himself to me?. If you are not fellowshipping with Jesus, you are cut off. You must follow scripture. His Word must remain in you. Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in Me will do the works that i do also. John 14:12

The Glory of God

God anointed Jesus-Jesus told us that greater things that we will do. God has given us power over the enemy. You have authority over yourself to make the determination to walk with God. We need to spend our time on things that bring us closer to God – so that it is easier to live.…

Let’s Pray

Using God’s Word is the most important phase when we are praying. We strive to pray as a family. In using God’s Word we will see our children and grandchildren saved by His Word. We will see young people spreading God’s Word. We realize that there is nothing stronger than the Word of God. Use…