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CLC Kids (Children)


Through being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, the teachers and helpers of Christian Life Center will endeavor to teach the Word of God to the children so that they will have a strong foundation and their relationship with God will grow. In addition, as we teach the children, they may learn to apply it to every aspect of their lives, both at home and at school. We will nurture and develop their love for God and each other, as well as for the Scriptures. They will also be given the opportunity to develop their prayer life and every new child will be given the opportunity to ask Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior.
The children’s ministry carries this commitment to each family-helping them to develop and build their home on a firm foundation of God, so that the child has strong support from both home and church as they grow both physically and spiritually.
The children’s ministry exists to help those in our care know God and grow to become like His Son, Jesus Christ.

To accomplish our purpose we seek…
1. To fill children’s minds with the Word of God so they grow to think the way God thinks and live the way God has commanded.
2. To establish in children habits of godly living and a daily lifestyle.
3. To create a Christian Community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and who are committed to Jesus Christ and to each other.
4. To help children build proper relationships to the authorities in their lives.
5. To help children trust Christ as Savior, to submit to Him and to live as Christians at home, at school, at play or wherever they are.
6. To make each child’s experience at church safe, fun and profitable in the process of growing to become everything God has planned.

Our Mission:
…to meet children at their level of development
…to teach them the love of Christ and the joy of His forgiveness and salvation
…to help them learn the truth of His Word
…to encourage their growth within a body of Believers

Our Vision for Children:
…that they will know Christ
…understand His Word
…grow in their spiritual walk
…be able to share the love of Christ with others

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