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Pastors and Staff

Meet our Pastors and Staff of our Ministries who give time and effort to give glory to God. And help spread the Good News.

Dr. Earl Sherrick

Pastor Earl Sherrick was born in Virginia and is the 5th of 10 children. Pastor joined the Marine Corps soon after graduating high school. After his discharge, he enrolled in Southeastern University Bible College. After his first year of college he married Betty Phelps, his wife now of 53 years. Pastor Sherrick is a graduate of Southeastern University, Lakeland,…

Pastor Betty Sherrick

Betty Sherrick

Pastor Betty Sherrick was born in New Jersey; she is the 2nd of 4 children. Betty has been married to Pastor Earl for 53 years. Pastor Betty traveled with her husband virtually from coast to coast, from Florida to California pastoring churches. Betty Sherrick has spoken at many women’s conferences, and has strongly supported the different…

Ted Smulski

Ted is a member of Christian Life Center’s Board of Directors. Ted has been a member of Christian Life Center for 30 years. Ted and his wife Debbie have a son who is in the Marine Corps, daughter and grand-daughter. Ted is an engineer by profession.

Walter Alestock

Walt Alestock is a Trustee on the Board of Directors of Christian Life Center. He is also Contact Coordinator for scheduling events. Working closely with Pastors, he is responsible for working with our ministries here at CLC and working along with our volunteer staff taking care of our many activities.. Walt has been with Christian Life Center for 19 years. Walt and…

Chuck & Francine Herrmann

Chuck and Francine have been with Christian Life Center for many years. They were in leadership of the CLC teen ministry for 10 years. Being led by the Spirit, they formed an Young Adult ministry (IMPACT!) here at Christian Life Center. They also direct the Young Adults and Teen worship team.Chuck is also in our Music Ministry (Guitar) and Francine sings with…

Walt Alestock

Walt has been a member of CLC for 22 years. Walt along with Pastor Jaime direct the Youth Ministry (SWAG). Before leading the Youth Ministry, Walt the directors of Children’s Ministry for many years. Walt also guided the Men’s Ministry for 3 years and  is also a Trustee on the Board of Directors.

Karen Lindenmuth

Karen Lindenmuth has been a member of Christian Life Center for more than 15 years. Karen for many years has taken care of children in our Children’s Ministry from infants to 12 yrs old. Karen then moved into the leadership role and continued her care and teaching of CLC’s children. Besides leading our Children’s Ministry, Karen also helps with our Lords Pantry, taking…

Jeanie Walls

Jeanie Walls has been with CLC for many years. Jeanie along with Pastor Betty Sherrick guide the Ladies of Living Grace Ministry. Jeanie has planned the women’s annual conferences, also leads the morning prayer meeting. Jeanie is married and has three children.